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The Ideal practices podcast

Each week you’ll learn tips from the best minds in dentistry to create your Ideal Practice.

The startup dentist podcast

Dentistry’s only audio masterclass. The free version is above hosted on a podcast platform so dentists can learn how to go from idea to opening day all through the Ideal Practices Startup Dentist Masterclass. 

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dentistry's ideal practices

EPISODE: Legal Rules for ASSOCIATE CONTRACTS – Dentistry’s 4 Experts’ Strategies

What legal “stuff” do Associates need to know? What do OWNERS need to know about legal protections with Associates? Find out from the 4 of the best minds in dentistry…


Learn how any dentist can get free publicity — in your local town or with national exposure. Discover 3 specific plans to get you and your practice free publicity…


I’m asked all the time, “what’s the #1 thing that makes your startup-clients succeed?” Great question. I rarely discuss this stuff publicly. But today you get to…

EPISODE: Ethical Communication – How to GET MORE YES’ in CASE ACCEPTANCE

Patients don’t want to be “sold”. And NO COLLEAGUE should ever push unnecessary treatment. Truth is, you can follow a simple “Ethical Communication” process…

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We talk with some of the smartest minds in dentistry

What path should you take to practice ownership – start-up or acquisition? For the past decade Jayme Amos has coached numerous dentists on how to achieve greater satisfaction from practicing dentistry.

On this episode of the Dentist Money™ Show, Jayme shares with Reese how personality traits should be factored into business decisions

The Dental Amigos are excited to host Jayme Amos, the founder of Ideal Practices, a highly-regarded consulting firm that works exclusively with start-up dentists.  

In this episode, Rob and Paul turn the tables and talk about Jayme: his business, his approach to working with dental start-ups, as well as the Ideal Practices Start-Up Practice Blueprint. They also chat about the always popular topic: start-up v. acquisition

In this episode, Jayme talks about his 13 stages to open a successful new practice.

Jayme and George also talk about incorporating vision in your dental practice. Having a vision for your practice allows you to tell your story to your patients and your community.

For those of you that don’t know Jayme, he specializes in helping dentists create startups around their ideal life. He is also a speaker and author of the best-selling book Choosing the Right Practice Location.

Jayme brings huge value to this episode as we begin by talking about designing the life and practice YOU want from the get go. Then, we turn to more tactical points on financing, demographics, and business plan

About The Show

Dentists advance in practice ownership clinically and profitably with Jayme Amos on the Ideal Practices Podcast. He’s the bestselling author, expert in building practices and founder of dentistry’s most popular website for opening dental offices. Each week you’ll learn tips from the best minds in dentistry to create your Ideal Practice.

Your Host

Jayme Amos is the founder of www.HowToOpenADentalOffice.com where tens of thousands visit the company’s website. 

His bestselling book, Practice Location, is in its second edition and his Ideal Practices podcast is one of the highest ranking in dentistry.

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