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Welcome to the #1 site for Startup Practice resources in dentistry.

This is where associate dentists like you find the best publications to begin your startup journey.

A startup can create the best version of your future career, taking you from years of dreaming into a reality in practice ownership you deserve.
Though a startup is not right for everyone, the freedom, the control and the opportunities will change your entire life.

Done properly, your startup can be profitable without the typical risks. Your reputation, your pride of ownership and even your community impact can be established even before you open the doors for business – like the doctors who are featured in the news, weeks before their opening day.

But where do you even begin?
The costs are high. The risks are real. The timelines are complex. And the stories of doctors who struggle for years are far too common.

And that is why our team created this site.

Our hope is to serve all of dentistry – and the future of private practice ownership – through these free resources. Should you desire toget customized, 1-on-1 guidance from the leading startup consulting firm in dentistry, we can show you our application process. We get hundreds of applicants per year and have limited openings each month.

For now, save this page. You will surely come back, spending hours studying the resources.

Use these free resources and learn how other doctors create startups that define their entire career, right here on this site.

To your future success,

Jayme Amos
CEO, Ideal Practices


Startup Practice Blueprint

Associate Dentists attend and learn the best, proven methods to open Startup Practices successfully. Meet the top experts in startups. Get 1-on-1 access to thought leaders, strategies and connections not available anywhere else. This LIFE-CHANGING course has changed the futures for hundreds of Associate Dentists.


Startup Practice Blueprint

A Startup Web Course

Local Courses

Ideal Practices Reviews

How to Apply In 4 Easy Steps

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Request Your 1-on-1 Call
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Begin the Startup Process

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Are you an associate dentist tired of feeling like you have no control over how you practice dentistry? Are you burnt out? Have you thought about starting your own practice but are terrified of making huge financial and personal mistakes? Are you unsure about how to even begin the process?

If you said yes to any of these, then you’re going to want to read my brand new book, The Startup Dentist. In it, you’ll learn the proven strategies that I’ve used to help launch over 800 startup dental practices.

In this book you’ll learn:

  • How the startup process really works and how to eliminate the risks
  • How to reverse-engineer a practice that matches your exact vision
  • How to negotiate the ins and outs of financing your startup (even if you have student loans!)
  • Our proven 13-Stage process that has successfully opened over 800 startup dental practices
  • And so much more!

Discover the Inspiring Story of Dr. Bryan’s Startup Practice In Dentistry’s First Startup Practice Documentary

Which Floorplan-Method is Best For A First-Time Practice Owner? Learn the Top 7 Floorplan-Methods and See How 7 Associate Dentists Designed Perfect Startup-Practices

If You Have Ever Considered Opening a New Office and Want a Proven Process without All the Risks, then Reserve Your Copy of Dentistry’s First Free Training on the 13 Stages to Open a Successful New Practice!
The Training Teaches you the Proven Concepts for Startup Successes from Jayme Amos, CEO of Ideal Practices . This Training will Give you the Precise, Expert Knowledge to Open Your New Practice.